Lord Skanda-Murugan

Murugan Bhakti Newsletter No. 8:
April-May 2001

Newsletter Contents:

  1. Second Murugan Conference now in progress
  2. Channel documentary retelecast 29 April
  3. What's new at Murugan Bhakti?
  4. New associated website: Palani.org
  5. Kataragama festival season

Happy Tamil New Year!

I. Murugan Conference news

The Second International Conference Seminar on Skanda-Murukan is currently (24-28 April 2001) underway in Mauritius. The Government of Mauritius and the Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Moka, Mauritius are jointly hosting the Conference. About one hundred delegates including scholars and informed devotees are participating in research presentations on a broad range of subjects. For details go to:

  • Conference home page http://murugan.org/events/conf2001.htm
  • Conference program http://murugan.org/events/2001-programme.htm
  • Conference topics and speakers http://murugan.org/events/conf_topics.htm

    The theme of the 2nd Conference is: Murukan Bhakti among the Tamil diaspora".

    Visit the Murugan.org website for newly published papers from the Murukan Conference series.

    II. Discovery Channel documentary retelecast 29 April

    The Discovery Channel documentary on body-piercing practices at Kataragama Adi Festival is to be retelecast Sunday 29 April in North America at 10 pm EDT/PDT on The Discovery Channel.

    Note that this telecast is for North America only. Later telecast in Europe, Asia, Africa & Australia will be at a later date. Watch this website and the Murugan Bhakti newsletter for details.

    The one-hour documentary is a video montage contrasting body-piercing practices in three far-flung locales: southern Sudan in Africa, the Kataragama festival in Sri Lanka, and young Americans in New York and Texas, USA. The documentary was first telecast on 21 January in North America.

    See also this Discovery Channel announcement

    III. What else is new at Murugan Bhakti?

    Once again there have been so many additions (over two dozen to Murugan.org since the last newsletter of a few months ago that we can only offer an overview of highlights. These include:

    IV. Palani.org: New Murugan Bhakti associate website

    V. Kataragama season approaches

    Murugan Bhakti editor Patrick Harrigan is currently winding up his USA visit after visiting Texas to give a presentation on Kataragama Pada Yatra at the Houston Śrī Meenakshi Amman Temple on 31 March. Even while traveling and meeting with friends, family and devotees across the USA, Patrick managed to launch several new websites including palani.org and added several dozen new articles to the Murugan.org and Kataragama.org websites.

    Patrick wishes to express special appreciation to Data Point Systems Inc. of Atlanta for providing a new Sony Vaio notebook, air ticket to Sri Lanka and funds to purchase needed hardware including still camera and digital camcorder. Such support makes it possible for Murugan Bhakti to continue to grow and expand its scope upon a solid foundation after years of bare subsistence.

    On 15 May Patrick will return to Sri Lanka for the two-month Kataragama festival season (his 15th since 1972), including 40-day pada yatra from Trincomalee to Kataragama and fortnight-long Esala festival from 20 July to 5 August. During this period Murugan Bhakti websites will go into hibernation and no new pages will be published until Patrick returns from Kataragama. From 15 August onwards Patrick will be based in Chennai once again and regular publications will resume. For enquiries contact kataragama@gmail.com.

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