Lord Skanda-Murugan

Kumara Koil Murugan Temple

This ancient temple to Murugan known as Kumaran Koyil is located at Padmanabhapuram, home to the palace of the erstwhile Maharaja, on the slopes of the Veli hills. It is located in a commanding position, visible for miles around.

Legend has it that Murugan married Valli here and hence the name Velimalai, Manamalai or Kalyanamala.

The main deities worshipped here are Subramanyar and Valli. A majestic ten feet high image of Subramanyar of great workmanship adorns the sanctum. The festival image of murugan here is Manavaalakumaran and this image is taken in procession every year during Navaratri to Thiruvananthapuram, along with Saraswati and Bhagavati from the Padmanabapuram Palace. Manavaalakumaran is also taken in procession to take part in the annual festival of the Suchindram temple.

Kerala Tantram is a protocol of worship offered in this temple along the lines of most other temples in Kanyakumari district. Fridays, especially the last fridays of every tamil month are considered to be very sacred here. The Kanji which is distributed here on fridays as prasadam is believed to have miraculous healing properties.

Murugan's and Valli's marriage is celebrated with great splendor in the month of panguni. This Tirukkalyanam is an enactment of the divine wedding and is attended by thousands of pilgrims from allover the state.

The seven-day festival begin in the star of Anuradha in the month of Panguni. Vaikasi Visakam is celebrated for 10 days and as in other Murugan temples Skanda Sashti is celebrated for six days.

Pushpabishekam is celebrated on the last Friday in the month of aavani when the image of Kumaran is completely covered with hundreds of baskets of flowers contributed by the congregating pilgrims.

Just one kilometre from Kumarakoil Temple on the same mountain road one finds Ramji Ashram.
Vel Murugan Seva Sangam, Kumarakoil
Vel Murugan Seva Sangam volunteers perform service at Kumarakoil

Steps to entrance of Kumarakoil
Steps to entrance of Kumarakoil
Kumarakoil Kumaran, SurasamharamSurapadman, Surasamharam
Surasamharam celebration at Kumarakoil. Left: Surapadman. Right: Kumarakoil Kumaran.
Detail of Kumarakkoil Surasamharam: Utsava Moorthy