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Kumbhabishekam Appeal for Donation

Santananda Swamigal [13k]
Sadguru Santananda Saraswati Swamigal

Dear Devotee,

In this world of hunger misery and strife, H.H. Sadguru Shantananda Swamigal has been a beacon of hope and solace to humanity. He achieved enlightenment by arduous tapas and service to Mankind.

H.H. Shantananda Swamigal belongs to the Avadhuta order and traces His lineage to Lord Dattatreya and to H.H. Sadasiva Brahmendra Saraswati (Judge Swamigal) of Pudukottai and H.H. Śrī Swayamprakash Brahmendra Saraswati of Sendamangalam, Tamil Nadu. H.H. Shantananda Swamigal installed Matha Bhuvaneswari at Judge Swamigal's Adishthanam at Pudukottai. In 1967 by Divine Revelation, Swamigal was impelled to found the Om Śrī Skandashram at Udayapatti, Salem with Sri Swaminatha Swami as the presiding deity.

The very embodiment of prema, Śrī Swamigal has been the fountainhead of Hindu Dharma and medic Principles. Over His lifetime He has conducted several yagnas as elucidated in the shastras and challenged orthodoxy by bringing to light, guarded moola mantras that ensure common goodness, wealth and peace.

Skandasramam today
Śrī Skandasramam, Udayapatti (Salem)

It was Swamigal's Sankalpa even in His Early years of sainthood to build an ashram in the capital of Tamil Nadu. Accordingly H.H. Shantananda Swamigal has embarked upon establishing Om Shri Skandasramam, Chennai. The Ashram on five acres of land will have in the first phase Śrī Swaminatha Swami and Śrī Matha Bhuvaneswari; and Śrī Veerasarabeshwarar and Śrī Uggara Pratyangara Devi in four sannidhis along the cardinal axes with the icons facing each other. The 55' x 55' forecourt in front of the four sannidhis is the location for the Dhyana Mandapa. In keeping with Swamigal's deeds of Adbutha, each idol is more than 10' height! A Yagasalai for conducting homams has also been completed. Positions have been earmarked for locating the idols of Panchamuka Ganapati, Panchamukha Anjenaya, Saniswara Bhagawan and Shri Dattatreya.

It is said in our puranas that Śrī Veerasarabeshwarar and Śrī Pratyangara Devi are avatars of Shiva and Shakti. They took their terribly frightening forms to quell Lord Narasimha's malevolence induced by drinking away Hiranyakaspu's life force without spilling even one drop, after he tore asunder and destroyed the asura. It is said that Prayers invoking the Blessings of Śrī Veerasarbeshwarar will similarly tear away with a cyclone's force a devotee's obstacles; will annihilate like a forest inferno a Dushta's influence upon a devotee. Śrī Pratyangara Devi (Dakshina Kali) of fearsome countenance is a Rakshikira Devata waiting to shower Her gifts of plenty, good health and harmony.


H.H. Shantananda Swamigal has inculcated through His ascetic life that sincere service to God is service to Mankind, nay! It is service to nation! As a humble devotee and follower of His tenets, I consider myself fortunate to partake in the giant efforts being made to consecrate the murtis in the Ashram on June 24, 1999 at 9.30 a.m. More than that, I deem it a greater privilege to approach well-meaning persons like you and urge your participation in that moment of shanta and ananda.

In all humility, I pray for your generous contribution and liberal donations. On behalf of the Kumbhabishekam Committee, a partial list of whose names is given below, I conclude this personal Appeal for Donation from you, your family and relatives while invoking my Guru's blessings to all,

Yours truly,

Thanking you,

For Kumbhabishekam Committee

Chennai Om Shri Skandasramam Charitable Trust Kumbhabhishekam Committee

Phone: (91) 044 237 6541

1, Timbar Street, Mahalakshmi Nagar, Rajakilpakkam, Chennai 600 073.

Office: No. 4, V.O.C. Street, Maruthy Nagar, Chennai 600 073.

Founder Trustees

H.H. Shri Shantananda Swamigal

Shri RR. Ramasubrahmaneya Rajah

Shri N. Srinivasan

Shri N. Ramachandran

Shri K. Jayaraman

Shri K. Lakshmanan

Shri M.V. Śrī Prakash

Shri D. Venkatraman

Shri S. Sundaresan

Shri K.S. Logavinayagam

Shri Master Sridhar

Shri A.V. Ramanan

Shri S. Santhanagopal

Shri K.R. Piakash

Shri Krishnamurthy Iyengar

Shri V. Balamurali

Kumbhabisheka Committee office bearers





Shri M.V. Sriprakash

441 2508

Joint Secretary

Shri K. Lakshman

489 0871

Joint Secretary

Shri Master Sridhar

492 9393

Joint Secretary

Shri A. Ramanan

442 2958


Shri D. Venkatraman

826 1505

Asst. Treasurer

Shri V. Balmurali

855 0654

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