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How Lord Centhil saved us from death

Tata car crash
Tata car crash

by Dr. Aiyappan

It was 09.09.2002, our 35th wedding day. We got up at 2 am, completed the morning duties and went in a Tata Sumo car having license number TN-25-F-9999 along with our close family friend, his wife and his sister-in-law to Lalgudi to finalize the wedding proposal of my friend's daughter. We reached Lalgudi, had a feast lunch with them and started our journey back to Kalpakkam.

It was near Pondicherry University at night 11:10 pm. It was drizzling. The driver stopped the car and cleaned the front glass. I was awake. Then due to tiredness I somehow closed my eyes and napped. The rest of them in the car were also sleeping due to tiredness. I was sitting in the front seat along with the driver. In the back seat, my friend was sitting and his wife was sleeping keeping her head in his lap and in the last seat my wife and his sister in law were sitting and sleeping.

As told by the driver, it was around 11:30 pm. We were coming in the East Cost Road leading to Kalpakkam. Three acid tankers were going one after other before one kilometer from the toll plaza of Pondicherry side. He overtook two of them and came in between first and second. Then from the opposite side a vehicle came with full bright headlight.

He heard a sudden braking sound. He looked to see whether it was from the passing vehicle. He came to know that it was from the front going acid tanker. He tried his best to avoid the hitting by turning right. Unfortunately with insufficient distance, our car dashed in the back of the sudden stopped tanker, which had been running without its back red light and front light.

As the left side of car hit against the back of the tanker, the portion where I was sitting was heavily damaged. Please see the attached photos of the damaged car.

Injury and Death

I was the first to receive the hit. I received injuries in the head, left eye, left ear, nose, teeth, chest left head and fracture at left collarbone and right knee joint bones. My friend's wife died on the spot with her broken rib spearing the heart. My friend's' right leg's ball and socket displaced and his cervical vertebra displaced along with some minor injuries. My wife's left collarbone fractured and she also received some minor injuries. My friend's sister-in-law too had the displacement of some bones. The driver received the fracture of some ribs and some injuries. It was highly unfortunate that my friend's wife passed away on the spot.

How the Lord Saved Us

  1. As I was the first hit, my injuries were not fatal. My skull and my brain were saved in the head injury. My eyes were saved. Rest of the injuries was not causing any permanent disability and could be treated successfully. This was the case with others also.
  2. A friend from Kalpakkam arrived on the spot within ten minutes of the incident. He informed Kalpakkam people. He went to the toll plaza and brought an ambulance, police and security staff. We all were admitted in General Hospital Pondy at 12.38 am on that night.
  3. Kalpakkam people arrived at the hospital and all immediate medical assistance was given to us on a war foot. We all were brought to our hospital at Kalpakkam next day and were taken to Ramachandra Hospital Chennai. We were all treated well and my friend had already joined duty and I will be joining on 7.12.2002 by God's grace.

In Kali Yuga, the Almighty will carry out His deeds through people like doctors, friends, police, security staff etc. The prayers of well wishers helped to spare our lives.


The Lord extended my life through this accident No one knows till when the person will live. The Almighty has given as a return ticket to all of us at the time of our birth and we only do not know the date of the return journey. It is an undated return ticket and the date is known to Him only

Both Arunagirinathar and Tirunavikkarasar (Appar) say that this human life is essential to feel and enjoy the celestrial existance and His bliss. If this fact is known to one and all in this world he or she will never commit ant mistake and if is committed knowingly oy unknowingly the person will appeal to the Almighty that such mistake will never be repeated. He or she improves in the process of purification.

The goal of our life is to understand Him and from where we have come there we should reach. In between our existance continues in this world. The reader of this incident should understand this aspect and lead a purified life so that he and his would be followers will reach Him.

Dr. Aiyappan is a senior scientific officer in India's Department of Atomic Energy. His address is:

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