Lord Skanda-Murugan

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Chapters completed for the Kataragama Commemorative Volume Project: (as of 1 May 1995)
  1. Kataragama: A Study in Deep Structure
  2. Indigenous People of the Yaksha Gotra and the Story of Kataragama
  3. Veddahs Celebrate Wedding Festival of Kataragama
  4. History is Whose Story: the Story of Kataragama in the History of Sri Lanka
  5. Kataragama's Sacred Geography
  6. Mysteries East and West: Do Dionysus and Skanda Share a Common Origin?
  7. Tall Tales and Deep Truths: Kataragama's Storytelling Tradition
  8. Buddhist Kataragama
  9. Islamic Kataragama
  10. The Kataragama God in Hindu Lore
  11. The Kataragama Pada Yatra Tradition
  12. Karttika: The Birth of Karttikeya-Skanda
  13. Haro Hara: Foot-soldiers Caught in His War Games
  14. Marvels of Law Enforcement in Kataragama