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Then Veerabahu went to Attani Mandapam where Surapadman resided. Surapadman was sitting upon a throne decorated with diamonds and pearls. Veerabahu introduced himself as Lord Murugan's messenger, but Surapadman ignored him and did not invite him to sit down.

By the power of Lord Murugan there came a throne with a halo decorated with precious gems. Veerabahu sat on it and spoke about the greatness of Lord Murugan and asked Surapadman to release Tirumal's followers.

Upon hearing Veerabahu, Surapadman clapped his hands and laughed. He asked one of his men to throw Veerabahu in prison since to kill a messenger was a sin.

By the power of Lord Murugan, Veerabahu demolished the entire Attani Mandapam and all the forests surrounding the capital. He killed Satamukhan, Vakshiravagu the son of Surapadman and several thousand other monster asuras who opposed him.