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This was all narrated by Brihaspati (god Jupiter) to Lord Murugan who heard everything. Murugan sent Veerabahu as messenger to Surapadman to advise him to release the followers of Tirumal. Veerabahu obeyed at once and started for Veera Mahendrapuri, the capital of the asuras. Assuming a huge form, he slayed the guards and entered the city.

Murugan then appeared in a dream of Sayantan and said to him, "Yours sufferings will soon end. The asuras will be destroyed. Have no fear!"

Veerabahu met Sayanthan and others and comforted them. He told them, "You attended Takka's Velvi and ate Avirbhagam and so you were imprisoned. To redeem you Lord Subrahmanya is coming with His Vel. He will destroy Surapadman."