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It seems that Maya, a woman of the asura clan, attracted the hermit sage Kasyapa and begot Surapadman, Singhamukhan, Tarakan and Asamukhi. From their sweat hundreds of thousands of asuras were born. Surapadman and his younger brothers studied under Sukeerar. He did hard penance toward Lord Siva for many years.

Lord Siva appeared before him and granted him the power to live for a hundred and eight yugas, to rule a thousand and eight kingdoms and to be undefeatable even by the forces of Lord Visnu. Surapadman's life force could not be destroyed by anyone except by the power created when Indra's chariot, the Lion throne and the four kinds of forces were joined together.

The soldiers of Surapadman invaded heaven and burned it. They enslaved the followers of Tirumal (Visnu) and made them to do household cleaning chores. Asamukhi went to kidnap Indra's wife Indrani who was hiding in Seerkali in order to present her to Surapadman. Surapadman commanded his son Banugopan to burn heaven. He imprisoned the son of Indra, Sayantan and other followers of Tirumal and treated them harshly.