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Once in the Himālayas, Parvati prayed to Lord Siva to help her to take a new birth so that tha name of Dakshayani, daughter of Daksha, would be removed. As per her request the Lord ordered her to become a child of Kamavan, the King of the Hills. Parvati became the child of Kamavan and at the age of five she started praying to Lord Siva.

Surapadman the asura was ruling the three worlds and was troubling the devas and torturing them. The devas went to Lord Siva and requested him to help them. Siva promised them that he would make an end to Surapadma's life by creating a son of his own.

Siva took six faces on his head and created six heads and created six flames from each of his faces. Due to the terrific heat produced from the light the devas all fled. Parvati also could not resist the heat and ran away. Aranar collected all the six sparks and gave them to Vayu the wind god. Vayu gave the sparks to Agni the fire god as he also could not bear the heat. Agni gave them to River Ganga and finally Ganga surrendered the six sparks into Saravana Poikai, a marshy pond in Himalaya.