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The Kanda Purānam, or Tamil version of the Skanda Purana, was written by Kachiappa Sivāchāryar of Kumara Kottam at Kanchipuram. According to the account of Kachiappa, each day he would write his inspired account of the career of Lord Murugan or Skanda, and in the evening deposit his day's work in the mūlasthāam of Lord Subrahmanya at Kumara Kottam.

Each night, miraculously, the Lord Himself would modify Kacciappa's manuscript with His own corrections. Hence, the Kanda Purānam is considered to be the absolutely authoritative account of Lord Murugan's career bearing the seal of approval of none other than the Lord Himself.

The original Kanda Purānam was intended to be recited aloud in Tamil to audiences who were already well acquainted with the marvelous career of Lord Murugan. This abridged, illustrated Kanda Purānam is intended to be seen and read by devotees young and old who live near or far from the sacred places mentioned in this purānam. May all obtain the grace of Lord Murugan merely by beholding this sacred account.