Śrī Gaja Vāhanar

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In this form Murukan has as his vehicle the elephant. Hence he is called Gajavāhanar and Gajārudhar. This sort of 'elephant vehicle' is usually found in ancient temples dedicated to Murukan, just in front of the mūlavar. For example, we find this peculiar feature at Tiruttani, Swāmimalai, and Uttiramērūr. The Kanta Purānam mentions that 'Iravatam of Indra' acted as the vehicle for Murukan. Whenever Murukan goes for battle or for showering grace he goes on his elephant called Pini Mukam. Arunagirinathar in the Tiruppukal sung at Chidambaram praises the Lord as unrantuc cintai Santhoshit Talu Kontarula Vantu cinturat-tēri (cinturam elephant).

The Kumāra Tantram refers to this form of Murukan with one face and four hands. They are with the weapons śakti and cock in two hands while the others are in the abhaya and varada poses. As per another reference, he is holding the Vel and the sword in his two right hands and the cock-flag in both the left hands.

The gateway of the eastern gopuram at Chidambaram bears a beautiful image of this Gajārudhar and Arunagirinathar refers to this deity in appropriate words.

From "In the Footsteps of Saint Arunagirinathar: Pilgrimage to the sacred places in the Tiruppukal" by Vallayapettai Ra. Krishnan