Śrī Dēvasēnāpati

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This term means Murukan, the consort of Devasenā. Devasenā is the daughter of the daughter of Indra, but brought up by Iravata, his elephant. Hence she came to be called Teyvayānai ('divine elephant'). She was given in marriage to Murukan by Indra at Tirupparankunram (near Madurai). The Kanta Purānam dedicates an entire patalam (chapter) to the descriptionof the divine marriage.

In the form of Devasenāpati, Murukan is depicted as possessing six faces and twelve hands. Teyvayānai is embraced by Murukan with one hand on the left side. Another hand is in the abhaya pose. In the remaining ten hands, he holds the following weapons: śakti, trident, arrow, sword, club, thunderbolt, cock-flag, bow, shield and lotus flower.

According to Śrī Tattvanidu, Devasenāpati's form is depicted with one face, two eyes and four hands. Two hands are in the abhaya mudrā and varadā poses and in the other two he holds the conch and disc. This peculiar image is enshrined in Cennimalai.

From "In the Footsteps of Saint Arunagirinathar: Pilgrimage to the sacred places in the Tiruppukal" by Vallayapettai Ra. Krishnan