Śrī Brahma Śāstā

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Mythological Background

Brahmā, the Lord of Creation, and first among the Hindu Trinity, was once approached by Skanda to explain him the meaning of pranava mantra. Brahmā was unable to give Skanda a proper reply. So, the latter knuckled him and threw him into the gutter. Thereupon, Skanda himself started functioning as the Lord Creator.

Later Siva, Skanda’s father, rebuked him for having done so and asked Skanda whether he knew the meaning of pranava. Skanda’s reply was ‘yes’. Then, Siva asked him to tell what it was. To take a lesson, one should seek it with the discipline expected of a student.

So Skanda asked Siva to be his student and know the secrets of the mantra. Then, Siva is said to have appeared before Skanda with the head down, mouth closed with one hand and in meek submission. Skanda divulged the secrets through a whisper. Later, at Siva’s behest Brahmā was released from the prison.

The story is elaborated in Kanda Purānam (Urpattikāndam, Ayancirainīkku Patalam).

Source: Rare Images of Brahmasāsta and Varāhasamhāra by R.K.K. Rajarajan

Skanda-Murugan as Brahma Śasta