Lord Skanda-Murugan

Murugan's Vel lance, His 'Jnana Shakti' or 'Power of Gnosis'.

Skanda's Reverie

O Lord, surrounded by angels singing holy names,
Your laughter shakes the universe
And agitates the peaceful ocean of infinity.
In a moment everything is golden
And studded with rubies and diamonds
And the universe assumes its real form.
An ocean of nectar reflects Your Smiling Face,
Anointing all creation with lotus blossoms,
And malati and kunda flowers.
Your breath of good fortune spreads to all.
I am delighted by your aroma.
I am intoxicated.
I dance with wild abandon
Under the midnight sky,
Beckoning everyone
To rise from their sleep,
And come down to these golden shores
Where you, I, everyone and everything
Are all One.
I dance along the seaside in ecstasy,
Accompanied by the sounds of
Flutes and drums and dancing revelers!
Come celebrate!
Drums thunder and shouts of joy arise
Come celebrate!
I am showered with a monsoon of nectar,
My heart overflows with love,
I am overwhelmed by transcendental bliss.
O my heart! Dance!
I hear the cooing of peacocks and cuckoos.
O my heart! Dance!
O Lord, I feel Your Waves of Love splash over me
O my heart! Dance!



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