Lord Skanda-Murugan

Kundalee Kumaran Kundru Murugan

Kundali Murugan

Kundaleepuram was famous during the Tondaimandalam period. It is located on the banks of the Kamandale River. There is an ancient historic Annai Rennuka Amman Temple situated on the banks of the river. Kundaleepuram is the place where Lord Sivasubrani was crowned as Devasenadhipati.

Near Arani 60 kilometers from Chennai there is a small village Padavatu with the Rennuka Amman Temple. Opposite to Rennuka Amman Temple there is a small hill where god Sivasubramanya who was in child form was crowned as Devasenadhipati.

There is foot path leading to the top of the temple with 300 steps. The main deity is Valli Teyvanai Samedha Kumaran. This place once teemed with crowds of prosperous devotees.

There is a strange scene here. Generally we will see Murugan facing east
Kumaran Kundru (hilltop) Kovil seen from Padaveydu Amman Kovil
View of Kumaran Kundru (hilltop) Kovil from Padaveydu Amman Kovil
sitting on a peacock, but here the Lord faces west standing on peacock. This cannot be seen anywhere else. We can also see a snake in the peacock's mouth with its head hanging down, which is unusual.

We can see Velan facing us asking “What do you wish?” and whatever we ask, he will give.

According to thala puranam, Kumaran helped the devas to get back their power by destroying Surapadman. Devas gathered afterwards to honor Lord Murugan. They decided to crown Murugan as Devasenatdipati. Annai Renuka Amman requested Murgan to conduct the ceremony in Kundaleepuram and thus Indra crowned Kumara as Devasenadhipati in this holy place.

During Sasti, Aadi, Thai Krittikai and Vaikasi Visakam, Karttikai, there will is Anishekum and Aradhanai with Girivalam around this holly hill. Bhaktas also take kavadi during these days. On other days there is only one puja time for the god at 8.00 am.

Opposite to this Kumaran Hill there is a lingam which is worshiped by Bheman(brother of Arjunan-Pandavas).

Behind Kumaran Hill there is Star Hill (Natchatra Kundru). Here one of the siddhar Bhogar has made one vadi - vel and worshipped it when he was here. Abhishekam is done to this Vel regularly.

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