Lord Skanda-Murugan

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  1. Annadanam.org: Murugan Bhakti web site devoted to Annadana Murugan
  2. Palani.org: The Palani Andavar website Murugan Bhakti sister website devoted to Palani Murugan
  3. Tiruchendur.org: The Senthil Andavar website Murugan Bhakti sister website devoted to Tiruchendur Murugan
  4. Kataragama.org: The Kataragama-Skanda website devoted to Kathirkama Murugan
  5. Pongi.org: The Valli Malai website Murugan Bhakti sister website devoted to Vallimalai Pongi Amman
  6. Jnanamalai.org: The Jnanamalai website Murugan Bhakti sister website devoted to Jnana Malai Śrī Bala Subrahmanya Tirukkovil
  7. Murugan Bhakti Yahoo Group site
  8. Sacred Sites of Sri Lanka includes many Murugan temples
  9. Devotion to Murukan - Overview of the doctrines, history and symbols of Murugan worship.
  10. "Lord Shanmukha and His Worship" detailed article by Swami Sivānanda
  11. Kaumaram - Devotion to Lord Murugan - Maniyam's website on Lord Murugan including Tamil texts like Tiruppukazh, etc. A wealth of resources for devotees of Lord Murugan or Skanda.
  12. Kripananda Variyar Swamigal website in Tamil and English Download discourses and songs by the late beloved storyteller and exponent of Murugan devotion.
  13. The Origin of Legend of Skanda or Murugan
  14. Skandagurunatha.org dedicated to Lord Murugan based on writings of Swami Sivānanda and Hilda Charlton
  15. Skanda, the Pleiades and the Seven Sages in the Indus script research note by Asko Parpola
  16. The 'Squirrel' Sign: Title of Murukan research note by Irathavan Mahadevan
  17. Thiruppugazh Anbargal Access all Tiruppugazh songs in English transliteration included in the Tiruppugazh Isai Vazhipādu published by the Tiruppugazh Anbarkal.
  18. Bhagavan Śrī Ramana Maharshi website The official Śrī Ramanasramam website. Total 595 pages including 500 b/w photos of Bhagavan, downloadable audio files, four complete books and complete list of English-language books. Awarded the Encyclopaedia Britannica 'Internet Guide Award' for quality, content and accuracy.
  19. Śrī Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham official website -- Kamakoti.org the official web site of Śrī Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Kanchipuram. Over 1000 pages including over five hours of real video and audio. Selected as the "Editor's Choice" by Netscape.
  20. Sacred Site Pilgrimage of Martin Gray: sacred sites around the world
  21. Thiruvavaduthurai Aadheenam
  22. Pampatti Siddhar, founder of Siddha medicine and one of the 18 great siddhars of the Southern Siddhar tradition
  23. Ganesh and Skanda - the first Gods Devotion to Ganesh and Skanda in Slovakia, Central Europe

    Sanskrit sources in Devanagari with English translations

  24. Sanskrit documents in Devanagari display with transliteration and learning tools
  25. Śrī Subrahmanya Nām Rakshatu kriti on Lord Subrahmanya of Tirucchendur in Roman letter with English translation


  26. Thiruppugazh.org web site devoted to Arunagirinathar's Tiruppukazh verses in praise of Lord Murugan.

    Tamil resources

  27. முருகபக்தி மாநா 2012
  28. கந்தர் அந்தாதி
  29. தைப்பூசம்: சங்கத் தமிழில் வேல் வழிபாடு
  30. உத்தர சுவாமிமலை, தில்லி
  31. திருப்புகழில் திருவண்ணாமலை
  32. திருமுருக கிருபானந்த வாரியார்
  33. அறிஞர் கமில் சுவலபில்
  34. கே.பி. சுந்தராம்பாள்
  35. மேற்கு வங்காளத்தில் கார்த்திகேய வழிபாடு
  36. Tiruppukazh collection in Tamil Mylai Tamil font
  37. www.Bhajanai.com lyrics of over 250 Kavadi and Pada Yatra songs
  38. PambanSwamigal.com for Tamil pages about Pamban Swamigal
  39. Kānthalakam online Tamil bookstore
  40. www.tamilvu.org The Tamil Virtual Academy, Government of Tamil Nadu sponsored online educational resouce center. Great way to learn written and spoken Tamil.
  41. Shanmuga Kavasam in Roman transcription
  42. Shaivam.org excellent Saiva resource area -- Sanskrit, Tamil, English etc in Roman script
  43. Vaishnavam in Roman and Mylai fonts

    Other Murugan temple web sites

  44. Nattukottai Chettiars' Temple, Penang, Malaysia
  45. London Śrī Murugan Temple
  46. Highgate Hill Murugan Temple, London
  47. Murugan temples of Kerala
  48. VayalurMuruga.org: official web site of Śrī Subramanya Swāmi Devasthānam, Vayalur
  49. www.thazhakara.org site: Thazhakara Subrahmanya Temple, Kerala
  50. Singapore Śrī Thandayudhapani Temple
  51. Śrī Subramania Swami Temple, Batu Caves, Malaysia
  52. Arumugaswamy Devasthanam, Kangar, Perlis, Malaysia
  53. Tiruchendur Senthil Andavar in English and Tamil, including maps, history, images, etc of the ancient seaside temple
  54. Tiruchendur.com
  55. Tiruttani.com
  56. Tiruvannamalai.net
  57. PalaniCity.com
  58. Kukke Subrahmanya Temple in Karnataka 100 km from Mangalore
  59. Skanda Vale Ashram in Wales, United Kingdom
  60. Palani Dandayudhapani Murugan
  61. Subramania Samaj, Mumbai
  62. Siva Murugan Temple, Concord CA, USA
  63. Murugan Temple of North America, Washington DC

    Skanda Sasti

  64. The Significance of Skanda Sasti
  65. Skanda Sasti lecture by Swami Sivananda
  66. Thai Pucam photos

    Other sites

  67. International Sanatana Dharma Society (ISDS) promoting authentic Sanatana Dharma and Yoga spirituality new
  68. Schematic diagram of Hindu ritual and ascetic sects (including Kaumaram)
  69. Schematic diagram of Hindu devotional sects (excluding Kaumaram)
  70. Tiru Vallalar official site Reference guide for information on Vallalar or Saint Ramalinga Swami including activities of Vallalar societies.
  71. Temples & Legends of Tamil Nadu - Detailed articles about traditions associated with major temples of Tamil Nadu.
  72. SmartWritingService.com - custom writing company will provide you with a 100% unique essay you need for your English classes.
  73. The Upanishads - philosophical treatise portions of the Vedas
  74. God in Hindu Dharma and temples, featuring many of the primary Hindu gods.
  75. Manas Excellent resource on India from the University of California, Los Angeles.
  76. Global Hindu Electronic Network: The Hindu Universe - Comprehensive directory of information on Hinduism
  77. Hinduism Today monthly journal for Hindus

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