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Tiruppugazh Sangamam Chennai

Dec 2004 - Jan 2005 program of activities

Sri Lanka pilgrimages
Route of Tiruppukaz Sangamam Kadirkama Yatra, January 16-21, 2003
Kathiramalai, Kataragama
Atop Kathiramalai, Kataragama
Kataragama January 2003 yatra
Devotees before main gate to Kataragama Maha Devale
Ravana Vettai
Ravana Vettai, dramatic gorge at Tiru Koneswaram
Manikka Gangai, Sella Kathirkamam
Manikka Gangai, Sella Kathirkamam
Rosen Renaissance Hotel, Kataragama
Tiruppugazh Sangamam members visit Rathinagiri
Tiruppugaz Sangamam members visit Rathinagiri
Tiruppugazh Sangamam members visit Valli Malai, October 2001
Sangamam members visit Valli Malai, October 2001
Arupadai Veedu complex, Chennai

Objectives of the Tiruppugazh Sangamam
( 2001 Tiruppugazh Sangamam)

  1. To spread Arunagirinathar's Tiruppugazh songs and its message amongst humanity;
  2. To conduct annual Tiruppugazh conferences in India and, ultimately, worldwide;
  3. To help, support, honour and coordinate all the organisations, Tirupugazh music groups as well as Individuals involved in spreading Tiruppugazh;
  4. To undertake research work to locate and publish new Tiruppugazh songs from palmleaf manuscripts;
  5. To teach Tiruppugazh in schools/colleges and conduct singing/speech classes and contests for children of all ages;
  6. To collect all available information (papers, songs etc.) on Murugan devotion and also establish a library-museum on all the aspects of Kaumara;
  7. To publish newsletters on Murugan bhakti and to conduct monthly programmes on the above objectives;
  8. To bring out a directory of all Tiruppugazh societies from all parts of India and other parts of the world.
  9. To coordinate and help in spreading Tiruppugazh all over the world.

Audio Cassettes and CDs released to date (all in Tamil).

Audio cassettes and CDs:
  1. Tiruppugazh - 66
    66 ragas in two cassettes (60 min each with booklet) by noted Tiruppugazh vocalist-devotee T.V. Sundaravalli and Party. Two cassettes for Rs. 100 (US$ 3)
  2. Swamimalai Tiruppugazh
    cassette (60 min) by T.V. Sundaravalli (with booklet) Cost: Rs.50 (US$ 1.50)
  3. Abhishekangalil Alagu Murugan and Archanai Tiruppugazh
    a selection of Tiruppugazh describing the abhishekam and archanai such as nadabindu namo namo (60 min cassette) Cost: Rs.50 (US$ 1.50)
  4. Arulvai Arumuga
    selected Tiruppugazh, other songs and two slokas - a unique collection of Murugan songs 60-min cassette by T.V. Sundaravalli. Cost: Rs.50 (US$ 1.50)
  5. Tiruppugazh 108
    Eight 60-min cassettes (total playing time 7 hrs 30 mins) by Tiruppugazh Ganasaraswati T.V. Sundaravalli and V.G. Akshaya in 115 ragas. An excellently produced collector's item for Muruga bhaktars available for Rs. 400 (US$ 10.00). Also available as a set of seven CDs for Rs. 1200 (US$ 40)
The following are the books available with Tiruppugazh Sangamam.
  1. Muzhudum Alagiya Kumaran (authentic study of the Iconography of Lord Muruga with illustrations.) Rs. 100 ( US$ 3.00)
  2. Maheswara Vadivangal (authentic study of the Iconography of SIVA with illustrations) Rs. 250 (US$ 6.00)
  3. Tirupporur Sannidhimurai (the first Sannidhimurai on Tirupporur Murugan by Siagnana Swamigal) Rs. 100 ( US$ 3.00)
  4. Tiruppugazh -- 66 Rs. 15 (US$ 0.50)
  5. Tiruppugazh -- 108 Rs. 70 (US$ 2.00)
  6. Tiruttandakam -- 66 Rs. 15 (US$ 0.50)
  7. Veduvathu Alikkum Velavan Tiruppugazh Rs. 30 ( US$ 1.00)
  8. Tirumuraigalil Tirumurugan Rs. 40 (US$ 1.00)
  9. Swamimalai Tiruppugazh Rs. 15 (US$ 0.50)
  10. Namchchvaya Tiruppatigamgal Rs. 50 (US$ 2.00)

Prices in rupees and in dollars are applicable for delivery in Chennai only. Contact us for purchase details.

Senthil Adimai Sundaram, President
Tiruppugazh Sangamam
"Raghava" Apartments, Apt. 3-B
No. 41-C, Beach Road
Kalakshetra Colony Besant Nagar
Chennai - 600090 India
E-mail: sundaram@jnanamalai.org
Tel: (91) 44 2490-1565
or (91) 44 2446-3168

Activities of the Jnanamalai Murugan Devotees Group: September 2003

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