Lord Skanda-Murugan

Archival photo gallery: Thai Poosam in Singapore

Color photos © Asian Civilisations Museum, Singapore
Black & white photos © National Archives, Singapore

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A devotee, Karpal Singh, carrying the traditional kavadi on Punguni Uttiram The Itumban puja performed at a devotee's home, marking the end of the festival A group of devotees preparing their palkudams at the Vaikuntha Perumal Temple, Serangoon Road A devotee prepares for maunam , the vow of silence A devotee preparing Arigandi kavadi, the topmost structure is yet to be assembled A devotee in a state of trance as she prepares herself to be pierced on her forehead
A Chinese devotee with his elaborate kavadi is not a rare sight during Thaipusam in Singapore Family and friends cheer on as a devotee approaches the Thandayudhapani temple, Tank Road A devotee pulling a small chariot hooked to his back in addition to carrying a kavadi Devotees carrying their kavadis arriving at the Thandayudhapani temple, Tank Road An archival photo of a devotee carrying a kavadi taken in the 1940s A picture postcard depicting a three day Thaipusam celebration in Singapore, January 1927

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