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Asurēndran, son of Tārakan, went to Surapadman and informed him of Tārakan's death and wept. Surapadman upon hearing that Murugan, a mere child, had killed his mighty brother Tārakan, became furious. His minister Aramahan tried to console Surapadman and sent spies to find out the strength of Lord Murugan's army.

Lord Murugan had camped on the bank of the river Manni with his army. He asked Devadakshan to build a temple there. He installed the image of Lord Siva and offered prayer at that spot.

Lord Siva was very pleased with Lord Murugan's worship. Being seating on His vehicle Nandi he appeared with Goddess Uma before Murugan. Upon being worshipped by Lord Murugan, Lord Siva provided him with the Pasupata weapon to kill the asura monsters.