Kanda Puranam 8: Encounter with Kraunchan and Tarakan

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The Lord also presented a marvelous chariot to Lord Murugan with the wind god Vayu as its charioteer. Lord Murugan then set off to vanquish the asuras.

As Lord Murugan was proceeding south, he encountered Kraunchan and Tarakan, two brothers of Surapadman. They were ruling Mayapuram at the foot of the Vindhya mountains and were blocking the way by standing in the form of a huge mountain. Seeing the mountain, the followers of Tirumal (Lord Visnu) were terrified. Lord Murugan decided to fight with Tarakan and kill him.

At the command of Lord Murugan, Veerabahu went with hundreds of thousands of soldiers and fought with Tarakan. A fierce battle followed.