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Once Lord Brahma came to Mount Kailasa and walked in proudly. Lord Murugan called Brahma and asked him for the meaning of the pranava mantra 'OM'.

Brahma replied that "Om means Lord Brahma."

Angered, Murugan gave Brahma a beating on all four heads and kicked him out of the place. Murugan then threw Brahma in prison at Kandaverpilai. Then he himself took over the job of creation, protection and destruction of the universe.

Lord Siva came to know about Brahma's imprisonment and sent Nandi to request Murugan to release Brahma. But Murugan ignored the request.

When Narada told Siva about Murugan's refusal to release Brahma, Siva laughed and he himself came to Lord Murugan, released Brahma and gave him back his work of Creation.