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  • Index of Murugan Bhakti feature articles
  • What is Murugan Bhakti? Introduction to the pan-Indian god of wisdom, war and mystery Skanda-Murugan and His cult in Sanskrit and Tamil sources, including images of the deity.
  • Sri Muruga complete book by Rahul Kabade
  • Tamils Abroad Seek Solace in Murugan Among Tamils spread across the globe but also among non-Tamils, there is a visible resurgence in both worship and research concerning the cult of Murukan
  • Thiruppugazh — Musical Way of Worship Musical poetry of 15th century Tamil Saint Arunagirinathar the great Tamil and Sanskrit exponent of Murugan bhakti
  • Foot Pilgrimage to Murugan Shrines Illustrated article about traditional foot pilgrimage or pada yatra in the tradition of the pan-Indian god Skanda or Murugan.
  • Muruga — The Ever-Merciful Lord Article from the book ‘Grandeur of Thiruppugazh: The Hallowed Hymns of Arunagirinatha’ by SRS Ayyar.
  • Skanda’s Sister Jyoti Illustrated article about god Skanda’s sister Jyoti by Dr. Alagappa Alagappan of the Aru Padai Veedu Foundation of USA.
  • Goddess Jyoti Illustrated article about Hindu goddess Jyoti by Bansi Pandit of the Hindu Temple Society of North America.
  • Encyclopaedia on Lord Muruga for free download
  • Murugan: The Kali Yuga Varada Illustrated article about god Skanda-Murugan’s appearance and purpose in the present Kali Yuga or Dark Age of humanity.
  • How to perform Skanda Shasti Puja at home
  • How Murugan, Idumban and Kavadi came to Palani Illustrated story of how Lord Murugan and His devotee Idumban came to Palani to originate the kavadi ritual.
  • Kanda Puranam: Uma Devi’s Penance A summarized English rendition of the Kanda Puranam or Skanda Purana, the epic of the war between Indian wargod Skanda-Murugan and his arch-foe the super-titan Surapadman
  • Skanda’s Sister Jyoti Article about Indian god Skanda’s sister Jyoti by Dr. Alagappa Alagappan presented at the First International Conference Seminar on Skanda-Murukan.
  • Thai Poosam festival History and traditions of Thai Pusam festival celebrated by Murugan devotees worldwide
  • Stepping Up to Spiritual Heights during Thaipusam Thousands of pilgrims attend Batu Caves, the focal point in Malaysia of Thaipusam Murugan festival
  • Devotees throng Batu Caves for Thaipusam Thousands of Hindu devotees throng Batu Caves, Malaysia, the focal point of the Thaipusam festival
  • Thousands fulfil vows during Thaipusam Thousands of Hindu devotees fulfill vows at Batu Caves, Malaysia, the focal point of the Thaipusam festival
  • Panguni Uthiram festival 2013 in Chennai Thousands of devotees pierce their bodies with needles and spikes as mark of penance during Panguni Uthiram festival in Tamil Nadu
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