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During the last four days Lord Murugan and Surapadman fought together fiercely. Surapadman commanded all the asura forces that were scattered in a thousand and eight worlds. He brought the four kinds of forces which reached the earth and made the followers of Tirumal tremble.

Lord Murugan destroyed all these forces. He travelled across the universe and destroyed all the remaining forces of Surapadman. Surapadman fought while being lifted by his Lion throne. So Lord Murugan killed the lion. Finally Surapadman took the form of darkness and tried to engulf all the followers of Tirumal. Yet Lord Murugan prevented this with his shining Vel.

In the form of a monstrous mango tree Surapadman became invisible and stood on the bottom of the ocean. Murugan hurled his Vel and split the mango tree. The Vel split Surapadman's indestructible body in two, one half becoming a cock and the other half a peacock. Lord Murugan made the peacock to be His vehicle and the cock to be the emblem on His battle flag.

The devas were thus redeemed. At the command of Lord Murugan, Lord Varuna destroyed what remained of the asura capital Veera Mahendrapuri in the ocean.

Then Lord Murugan returned to India at Tiruchedur and prayed to Lord Siva to repent for having spilt the blood of so many demons. All the celestial and earthly beings rejoiced and acclaimed Lord Murugan as their savior.